Euripides. The Rhesus of Euripides. Translated into English rhyming verse with explanatory notes by Gilbert Murray. Murray, Gilbert, translator. London: George Allen and Company, Ltd., 1913.

  1. A Gorgon, to the frontlet riveted,
  2. With bells set round-like stories that they tell
  3. Of Pallas’ shield-made music terrible.
  4. The numbers of that host no pen could write
  5. Nor reckon; ’tis a multitudinous sight,
  6. Long lines of horsemen, lines of targeteers,
  7. Archers abundant; and behind them veers
  8. A wavering horde, light-armed, in Thracian weed.
  9. A friend is come to Ilion in her need
  10. ’Gainst whom no Argive, let him fly or stand,
  11. Shall aught avail nor ’scape his conquering hand.
  1. Lo, when the Gods breathe gently o’er a town,
  2. All runs to good, as water-streams run down.
  1. Aye, when my spear hath fortune, when God sends
  2. His favour, I shall find abundant friends.
  3. I need them not; who never came of yore
  4. To help us, when we rolled to death before
  5. The war-swell, and the wind had ripped our sail.
  6. Then Rhesus taught us Trojans what avail
  7. His words are.—He comes early to the feast;