For The Soldier


Lysias. Lamb, W.R.M., translator. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press; London: William Heinemann Ltd., 1930.

Professedly, indeed, I am on trial for the matter[*](Namely, confiscation.) of this writ, but actually for my citizenship. If I obtain justice—and I have confidence in your verdict—I may remain in this city; but if the summons of these men should lead to my unjust conviction, I should run away. For with what hope to bear me up must I mingle with the citizens, or with what purpose in life, when I knew the zeal of my opponents, and could not tell where to look for any of my just rights?

Put justice, therefore, above everything else; reflect that you grant pardon even for glaring acts of injustice; and do not allow those who are guilty of no injustice to be unjustly entangled in the greatest misfortunes.