Euripides. The Rhesus of Euripides. Translated into English rhyming verse with explanatory notes by Gilbert Murray. Murray, Gilbert, translator. London: George Allen and Company, Ltd., 1913.

  1. Then know’st thou where the men are gone?
  1. We saw them running, somewhere here.
He makes off into the darkness. DIOMEDE follows, and some Thracians.
  1. Off every one upon their track!
  1. Or should we rouse the army?
  1. No;
  2. To stir the allies in the night and make more panic!
  3. Let us go.
The Thracians go off in pursuit. Meantime the original Guards who form the Chorus have hastened back. The two Greeks are presently seen crossing at the back in a different direction.
  1. Who was the man that passed?
  2. Who, that, so madly bold,
  3. Even as I held him fast,
  4. Laughed, and I loosed my hold?
  5. Where shall I find him now?
  6. What shall I deem of him,
  7. To steal thro’ the guards a-row,
  8. Quaking not, eye nor limb,
  9. On thro’ the starlight dim?
  10. Is he of Thessaly,
  11. Born by the Locrian sea,
  12. Or harvester of some starved island’s corn?
  13. What man hath seen his face?