Euripides. The Plays of Euripides, Translated into English Prose from the Text of Paley. Vol. II. Coleridge, Edward P., translator. London: George Bell and Sons, 1891.

  1. To you, Orestes, I betroth my daughter, as Phoebus said; being noble yourself, may you have benefit from a noble wife, and may I also, in giving her to you.
  1. Go now each one to the place appointed by me; reconcile your quarrels.
  1. I must obey.
  1. And so must I; I make a truce with my fate, Menelaus, and with your oracles, Loxias.
  1. Go your ways, and honor Peace, fairest of goddesses; I will bring Helen to the halls of Zeus,
  2. when I have come to the sky, bright with stars. There, enthroned beside Hera and Hebe, the bride of Heracles, she will be honored by men with libations as a goddess for ever; along with those Zeus-born sons of Tyndareus,
  3. she will be a guardian of the sea, for the good of sailors.
  1. Greatly revered Victory, may you occupy my life, and never cease to crown me!