Pindar, creator; Arnson Svarlien, Diane, 1960-, translator

  1. The great city of Athens is the most beautiful prelude of song, which the widely powerful race of the Alcmaeonids can lay as a foundation of odes in honor of their horses.
  2. What fatherland, what family will you name that is more illustrious in Greece ?
  3. For in all cities the story
  4. of the citizens of Erechtheus makes the rounds, Apollo, how they made your dwelling in divine Pytho a marvel to see. Five Isthmian victories lead my song forward, and one outstanding triumph
  5. at Zeus’ Olympian games, and two from Cirrha —
  6. yours, Megacles, and your ancestors’. I rejoice at this new success; but I grieve that fine deeds are repaid with envy.
  7. It is true what they say: the abiding bloom of good fortune brings with it both good and bad.