Pindar. Arnson Svarlien, Diane, translator. Created for the Perseus Project, 1990.

  1. The great city of Athens is the most beautiful prelude of song, which the widely powerful race of the Alcmaeonids can lay as a foundation of odes in honor of their horses.
  2. What fatherland, what family will you name that is more illustrious in Greece ?
  3. For in all cities the story
  4. of the citizens of Erechtheus makes the rounds, Apollo, how they made your dwelling in divine Pytho a marvel to see. Five Isthmian victories lead my song forward, and one outstanding triumph
  5. at Zeus’ Olympian games, and two from Cirrha —
  6. yours, Megacles, and your ancestors’. I rejoice at this new success; but I grieve that fine deeds are repaid with envy.
  7. It is true what they say: the abiding bloom of good fortune brings with it both good and bad.