Pindar. Arnson Svarlien, Diane, translator. Created for the Perseus Project, 1990.

  1. I am intent upon common excellences. The evil workings of envy are warded off,
  2. if a man who attains the summit and dwells in peace escapes dread arrogance. Such a man would go to the farthest shore of a dark death that is finer when he leaves to his sweetest offspring the grace of a good name, the best of possessions.
  3. Such is the grace that spreads abroad the fame of the son of Iphicles,
  4. Iolaus, whose praises are sung; and of the strength of Castor, and of you, lord Polydeuces, sons of the gods: you who dwell for one day at home in Therapne, and for the other in Olympus.