Sophocles, creator; Sophocles the plays and fragments with critical notes, commentary, and translation in English prose Part 7 The Ajax; Jebb, Richard Claverhouse, Sir, 1841-1905, editor, translator. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 1893.

  1. lest I so offend the dead. In all other tasks do indeed be our partner. And if you wish to bring any soldier of the army with you, he shall be welcome. For the rest, I will make all things ready. But you, Odysseus, know that to us you have been a good and noble friend.
  1. It was my wish to help, but if it is not pleasing to you that I should assist here, I accept your decision and depart.
  1. Enough. Already the interval has been long drawn out. Come, hurry some of you to dig the hollow grave; others erect the
  2. cauldron wrapped in fire on its high stand for prompt preparation of the ritual cleansing. Let another company bring from the tent the finery which he wore in battle beneath his shield. And you, too, child, with such strength as you have
  3. lay a loving hand upon your father and help me to lighten his body; for his channels are still warm and spray upwards the dark force of his spirit. Come, come everyone who claims to be our friend, start forward and move on,
  4. laboring in service to this man of perfect excellence. To a nobler man such service has never yet been rendered —nobler than Ajax when he lived, I mean.
  1. Many things, I tell you, can be known through mortal eyes; but before he sees it happening, no one can foretell
  2. the future, or what his fate will be.