Septuaginta. The Book of Isaiah According to the Septuagint (Codex Alexandrinus). Ottley, Richard, Rusden, editor. Cambridge: C.J. Clay and Sons, 1904.

XII. 1 And thou shalt in that day, I will praise thee, Ο Lord, because thou wast angry with me, and didst turn away thy wrath, and pitiedst me.

2 Behold, my God is my Saviour, I will trust in him, and will not be afraid; for the Lord is my glory and my praise, and he is become my salvation.

3 And ye shall draw water with joy out of the fountains of salvation.

4 And thou shalt say in that day, Praise the Lord, cry his name aloud, proclaim his glorious deeds among the nations; make mention that his name is exalted.

5 Praise the name of the Lord, for he hath done exalted deeds; proclaim this in all the earth.

6 Exult and rejoice, ye that dwell in Zion: for the Holy One of Israel is exalted in the midst of thee.