Horace, creator; Conington, John, 1825-1869, editor

  • Who laves in clear Castalian flood
  • His locks, and loves the leafy growth
  • Of Lycia next his native wood,
  • The Delian and the Pataran both.
  • Strength, mindless, falls by its own weight;
  • Strength, mix'd with mind, is made more strong
  • By the just gods, who surely hate
  • The strength whose thoughts are set on wrong.
  • Let hundred-handed Gyas bear
  • His witness, and Orion known
  • Tempter of Dian, chaste and fair,
  • By Dian's maiden dart o'erthrown.
  • Hurl'd on the monstrous shapes she bred,
  • Earth groans, and mourns her children thrust
  • To Orcus; Aetna's weight of lead
  • Keeps down the fire that breaks its crust;
  • Still sits the bird on Tityos' breast,
  • The warder of Unlawful love;
  • Still suffers lewd Pirithous, prest
  • By massive chains no hand may move.