Horace, creator; Conington, John, 1825-1869, editor

  • Mild thoughts you plant, and joy to see
  • Mild thoughts take root. The nations know
  • How with descending thunder he
  • The impious Titans hurl'd below,
  • Who rules dull earth and stormy seas,
  • And towns of men, and realms of pain,
  • And gods, and mortal companies,
  • Alone, impartial in his reign.
  • Yet Jove had fear'd the giant rush,
  • Their upraised arms, their port of pride,
  • And the twin brethren bent to push
  • Huge Pelion up Olympus' side.
  • But Typhon, Mimas, what could these,
  • Or what Porphyrion's stalwart scorn,
  • Rhoetus, or he whose spears were trees,
  • Enceladus, from earth uptorn,
  • As on they rush'd in mad career
  • 'Gainst Pallas' shield? Here met the foe
  • Fierce Vulcan, queenly Juno here,
  • And he who ne'er shall quit his bow,