Horace, creator; Conington, John, 1825-1869, editor

  • Thee, Furius, and Fabricius, thee,
  • Rough Curius too, with untrimm'd beard,
  • Your sires' transmitted poverty
  • To conquest rear'd.
  • Marcellus' fame, its up-growth hid,
  • Springs like a tree; great Julius' light
  • Shines, like the radiant moon amid
  • The lamps of night.
  • Dread Sire and Guardian of man's race,
  • To thee, O Jove, the Fates assign
  • Our Caesar's charge; his power and place
  • Be next to thine.
  • Whether the Parthian, threatening Rome,
  • His eagles scatter to the wind.
  • Or follow to their eastern home
  • Cathay and Ind,
  • Thy second let him rule below
  • Thy car shall shake the realms above;
  • Thy vengeful bolts shall overthrow
  • Each guilty grove.