Horace, creator; Conington, John, 1825-1869, editor

  • Nor yet shall Bacchus pass unsaid,
  • Bold warrior, nor the virgin foe
  • Of savage beasts, nor Phoebus, dread
  • With deadly bow.
  • Alcides too shall be my theme,
  • And Leda's twins, for horses he,
  • He famed for boxing; soon as gleam
  • Their stars at sea,
  • The lash'd spray trickles from the steep,
  • The wind sinks down, the storm-cloud flies,
  • The threatening billow on the deep
  • Obedient lies.
  • Shall now Quirinus take his turn,
  • Or quiet Numa, or the state
  • Proud Tarquin held, or Cato stern,
  • By death made great?
  • Ay, Regulus and the Scaurian name,
  • And Paullus, who at Cannae gave
  • His glorious soul, fair record claim,
  • For all were brave.