Horace, creator; Conington, John, 1825-1869, editor

  • Why weep for him whom sweet Favonian airs
  • Will waft next spring, Asteria, back to you,
  • Rich with Bithynia's wares,
  • A lover fond and true,
  • Your Gyges? He, detain'd by stormy stress
  • At Oricum, about the Goat-star's rise,
  • Cold, wakeful, comfortless,
  • The long night weeping lies.
  • Meantime his lovesick hostess' messenger
  • Talks of the flames that waste poor Chloe's heart
  • (Flames lit for you, not her!)
  • With a besieger's art;
  • Shows how a treacherous woman's lying breath
  • Once on a time on trustful Proetus won
  • To doom to early death
  • Too chaste Bellerophon;
  • Warns him of Peleus' peril, all but slain
  • For virtuous scorn of fair Hippolyta,
  • And tells again each tale
  • That e'er led heart astray.