Horace, creator; Conington, John, 1825-1869, editor

  • Pallas and I, since Priam's sire
  • Denied the gods his pledged reward,
  • Had doom'd them all to sword and fire,
  • The people and their perjured lord.
  • No more the adulterous guest can charm
  • The Spartan queen: the house forsworn
  • No more repels by Hector's arm
  • My warriors, baffled and outworn:
  • Hush'd is the war our strife made long:
  • I welcome now, my hatred o'er,
  • A grandson in the child of wrong,
  • Him whom the Trojan priestess bore.
  • Receive him, Mars! the gates of flame
  • May open: let him taste forgiven
  • The nectar, and enrol his name
  • Among the peaceful ranks of Heaven.
  • Let the wide waters sever still
  • Ilium and Rome, the exiled race
  • May reign and prosper where they will:
  • So but in Paris' burial-place