Horace, creator; Conington, John, 1825-1869, editor

  • The shepherd with his weary sheep
  • Seeks out the streamlet and the trees,
  • Silvanus' lair: the still banks sleep
  • Untroubled by the wandering breeze.
  • You ponder on imperial schemes,
  • And o'er the city's danger brood:
  • Bactrian and Serian haunt your dreams,
  • And Tanais, toss'd by inward feud.
  • The issue of the time to be
  • Heaven wisely hides in blackest night,
  • And laughs, should man's anxiety
  • Transgress the bounds of man's short sight.
  • Control the present: all beside
  • Flows like a river seaward borne,
  • Now rolling on its placid tide,
  • Now whirling massy trunks uptorn,
  • And waveworn crags, and farms, and stock,
  • In chaos blent, while hill and wood
  • Reverberate to the enormous shock,
  • When savage rains the tranquil flood