Horace, creator; Conington, John, 1825-1869, editor

  • What the time from Inachus
  • To Codrus, who in patriot battle fell,
  • Who were sprung from Aeacus,
  • And how men fought at Ilion,—this you tell.
  • What the wines of Chios cost,
  • Who with due heat our water can allay,
  • What the hour, and who the host
  • To give us house-room,—this you will not say
  • Ho, there! wine to moonrise, wine
  • To midnight, wine to our new augur too!
  • Nine to three or three to nine,
  • As each man pleases, makes proportion true.
  • Who the uneven Muses loves,
  • Will fire his dizzy brain with three times three;
  • Three once told the Grace approves;
  • She with her two bright sisters, gay and free,
  • Shrinks, as maiden should, from strife:
  • But I'm for madness. What has dull'd the fire
  • Of the Berecyntian fife?
  • Why hangs the flute in silence with the lyre?