Horace. The Odes and Carmen Saeculare of Horace. Conington, John, translator. London: George Bell and Sons, 1882.

  • Will bring her sleep. Sleep knows no pride;
  • It scorns not cots of village hinds,
  • Nor shadow-trembling river-side,
  • Nor Tempe, stirr'd by western winds.
  • Who, having competence, has all,
  • The tumult of the sea defies,
  • Nor fears Arcturus' angry fall,
  • Nor fears the Kid-star's sullen rise,
  • Though hail-storms on the vineyard beat,
  • Though crops deceive, though trees complain,
  • One while of showers, one while of heat,
  • One while of winter's barbarous reign.
  • Fish feel the narrowing of the main
  • From sunken piles, while on the strand
  • Contractors with their busy train
  • Let down huge stones, and lords of land
  • Affect the sea: but fierce Alarm
  • Can clamber to the master's side:
  • Black Cares can up ihe galley swarm,
  • And close behind the horseman ride.