Horace, creator; Conington, John, 1825-1869, editor

  • Septimius, who with me would brave
  • Far Gades, and Cantabrian land
  • Untamed by Rome, and Moorish wave
  • That whirls the sand;
  • Fair Tibur, town of Argive kings,
  • There would I end my days serene,
  • At rest from seas and travellings,
  • And service seen.
  • Should angry Fate those wishes foil,
  • Then let me seek Galesus, sweet
  • To skin-clad sheep, and that rich soil,
  • The Spartan's seat.
  • O, what can match the green recess,
  • Whose honey not to Hybla yields,
  • Whose olives vie with those that bless
  • Venafrum's fields?
  • Long springs, mild winters glad that spot
  • By Jove's good grace, and Aulon, dear
  • To fruitful Bacchus, envies not
  • Falernian cheer.