Horace, creator; Conington, John, 1825-1869, editor

  • The broils that from Metellus date,
  • The secret springs, the dark intrigues,
  • The freaks of Fortune, and the great
  • Confederate in disastrous leagues,
  • And arms with uncleansed slaughter red,
  • A work of danger and distrust,
  • You treat, as one on fire should tread
  • Scarce hid by treacherous ashen crust.
  • Let Tragedy's stern muse be mute
  • Awhile; and when your order'd page
  • Has told Rome's tale, that buskin'd foot
  • Again shall mount the Attic stage,
  • Pollio, the pale defendant's shield,
  • In deep debate the senate's stay,
  • The hero of Dalmatic field
  • By Triumph crown'd with deathless bay.
  • E'en now with trumpet's threatening blare
  • You thrill our ears; the clarion brays;
  • The lightnings of the armour scare
  • The steed, and daunt the rider's gaze.