Horace, creator; Conington, John, 1825-1869, editor

  • Not I, but Varius:—he, of Homer's brood
  • A tuneful swan, shall bear you on his wing,
  • Your tale of trophies, won by field or flood,
  • Mighty alike to sing.
  • Not mine such themes, Agrippa; no, nor mine
  • To chant the Wrath that fill'd Pelides' breast,
  • Nor dark Ulysses' wanderings o'er the brine,
  • Nor Pelops' house unblest.
  • Vast were the task, I feeble; inborn shame,
  • And she, who makes the peaceful lyre submit,
  • Forbid me to impair great Caesar's fame
  • And yours by my weak wit.
  • But who may fitly sing of Mars array'd
  • In adamant mail, or Merion, black with dust
  • Of Troy, or Tydeus' son by Pallas' aid
  • Strong against gods to thrust?
  • Feasts are my theme, my warriors maidens fair,
  • Who with pared nails encounter youths in fight;
  • Be Fancy free or caught in Cupid's snare,
  • Her temper still is light.