Horace, creator; Conington, John, 1825-1869, editor

  • Hope, precious Truth in garb of white,
  • Attend thee still, nor quit thy side
  • When with changed robes thou tak'st thy flight
  • In anger from the homes of pride.
  • Then the false herd, the faithless fair,
  • Start backward; when the wine runs dry.
  • The jocund guests, too light to bear
  • An equal yoke, asunder fly.
  • O shield our Caesar as he goes
  • To furthest Britain, and his band,
  • Rome's harvest! Send on Eastern foes
  • Their fear, and on the Red Sea strand!
  • O wounds that scarce have ceased to run!
  • O brother's blood! O iron time!
  • What horror have we left undone?
  • Has conscience shrunk from aught of crime?
  • What shrine has rapine held in awe?
  • What altar spared? O haste and beat
  • The blunted steel we yet may draw
  • On Arab and on Massagete!