Horace, creator; Conington, John, 1825-1869, editor

  • Heaven's high providence in vain
  • Has sever'd countries with the estranging main,
  • If our vessels ne'ertheless
  • With reckless plunge that sacred bar transgress.
  • Daring all, their goal to win,
  • Men tread forbidden ground, and rush on sin:
  • Daring all, Prometheus play'd
  • His wily game, and fire to man convey'd;
  • Soon as fire was stolen away,
  • Pale Fever's stranger host and wan Decay
  • Swept o'er earth's polluted face,
  • And slow Fate quicken'd Death's once halting pace.
  • Daedalus the void air tried
  • On wings, to humankind by Heaven denied;
  • Acheron's bar gave way with ease
  • Before the arm of labouring Hercules.
  • Nought is there for man too high;
  • Our impious folly e'en would climb the sky,
  • Braves the dweller on the steep,
  • Nor lets the bolts of heavenly vengeance sleep.