Horace, creator; Conington, John, 1825-1869, editor

  • Grandson of Atlas, wise of tongue,
  • O Mercury, whose wit could tame
  • Man's savage youth by power of song
  • And plastic game!
  • Thee sing I, herald of the sky,
  • Who gav'st the lyre its music sweet,
  • Hiding whate'er might please thine eye
  • In frolic cheat.
  • See, threatening thee, poor guileless child,
  • Apollo claims, in angry tone,
  • His cattle;—all at once he smiled,
  • His quiver gone.
  • Strong in thy guidance, Hector's sire
  • Escaped the Atridae, pass'd between
  • Thessalian tents and warders' fire,
  • Of all unseen,
  • Thou lay'st unspotted souls to rest;
  • Thy golden rod pale spectres know;
  • Blest power! by all thy brethren blest,
  • Above, below!