A Dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology

Smith, William

A Dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology. William Smith, LLD, ed. 1890

(Βάδρης), or BARES (Βάρης), a Persian, of the tribe of the Pasargadae, was appointed to the command of the naval portion of the force which Aryandes, governor of Egypt, sent against the Barcaeans on the pretext of avenging the murder of Arcesilaus III. [BATTIADAE.] After the capture of Barca (about 512 B. C.), the Persians were allowed to pass through Cyrene, and Badres was anxious to take the city; but through the refusal of Amasis, who commanded the land force, the opportunity was lost. (Hdt. 4.167, 203.) This is perhaps the same Badres whom Herodotus mentions as commanding a portion of the Persian army in the expedition of Xerxes against Greece. (Hdt. 7.77.)