Didache. The Apostolic Fathers with an English translation In Two Volumes. Vol. I. Lake, Kirsopp, translator. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press; London: William Heinemann Ltd. 1912.

Thou shalt not be double-minded nor double-tongued, for to be double-tongued is the snare of death.

Thy speech shall not be false nor vain, but completed in action.

Thou shalt not be covetous nor extortionate, nor a hypocrite, nor malignant, nor proud, thou shalt make no evil plan against thy neighbour.

Thou shalt hate no man; but some thou shalt reprove,[*](On the ground of a comparison with Jude 22 f. etc., some think that and some thou shalt pity ought to be added.) and for some shalt thou pray, and some thou shalt love more than thine own life.

My child, flee from every evil man and from all[*](Further advice to the catechumen) like him.

Be not proud, for pride leads to murder, nor jealous, nor contentious, nor passionate, for from all these murders are engendered.

My child, be not lustful, for lust leads to fornication, nor a speaker of base words, nor a lifter up of the eyes, for from all these is adultery engendered.

My child, regard not omens, for this leads to idolatry; neither be an enchanter, nor an astrologer, nor a magician, neither wish to see these things, for from them all is idolatry engendered.

My child, be not a liar, for lying leads to theft, nor a lover of money, nor vain-glorious, for from all these things

are thefts engendered.

My child, be not a grumbler, for this leads to blasphemy, nor stubborn, nor a thinker of evil, for from all these are blasphemies engendered,

but be thou meek, for the meek shall inherit the earth;

be thou long-suffering, and merciful and guileless, and quiet, and good, and ever fearing the words which thou hast heard.

Thou shalt not exalt thyself, nor let thy soul be presumptuous. Thy soul shall not consort with the lofty, but thou shalt walk with righteous and humble men.

Receive the accidents that befall to thee as good, knowing that nothing happens without God.