Didache. The Apostolic Fathers with an English translation In Two Volumes. Vol. I. Lake, Kirsopp, translator. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press; London: William Heinemann Ltd. 1912.

Let everyone who comes in the Name of the[*](Travelling Christians) Lord be received; but when you have tested him you shall know him, for you shall have understanding of true and false.[*](Literally, right and left understanding.)

If he who comes is a traveller, help him as much as you can, but he shall not remain with you more than two days, or, if need be, three.

And if he wishes to settle among you and has a craft, let him work for his bread.

But if he has no craft provide for him according to your understanding, so that no man shall live among you in idleness because he is a Christian.

But if he will not do so, he is making traffic of Christ; beware of such.