Pindar, creator; Arnson Svarlien, Diane, 1960-, translator

  1. the ship's sails again to the mainland of Europe , for it is impossible for me to tell the full story of the sons of Aeacus.
  2. For the Theandridae, having pledged my word, I went as a ready herald of the limb-strengthening contests
  3. at Olympia and the Isthmus and Nemea , where, whenever they make trial of their skill, they return home with the glorious fruit of garlands; in that home, Timasarchus, we hear that your family is an attendant of victory songs. But if
  4. in honor of your uncle Callicles you bid me
  5. to build a monument whiter than Parian stone, know that gold, when it is refined, shows all radiance, and a song in honor of noble deeds makes a man equal in fortune to kings.
  6. May that man, who dwells beside the stream of Acheron , hear my voice singing, where in the contest of the loud-roaring wielder of the trident he flourished with crowns of Corinthian wild celery.
  7. Euphanes, your aged grandfather,
  8. once willingly sang his praises, child. Each man has his own generation; and each man expects to speak best of what he has seen himself. If he were praising Melesias, how he would throw his opponent in the struggle! Weaving his words, impossible to wrestle down in speech;
  9. with gentle thoughts towards noble men, but a rough adversary to his opponents.