Pindar, creator; Arnson Svarlien, Diane, 1960-, translator

  1. From that point the light of the Aeacids has been fixed to shine far.
  2. Zeus, it is your blood and your contest at which my song aimed its shot, shouting the joy of this land with the voices of young men. Their cry is well-suited to victorious Aristocleides, who linked this island with glorious praise and the sacred
  3. Theoric temple of the Pythian god with splendid ambitions. By trial the accomplishment is made manifest, of that in which a man proves himself preeminent,
  4. as a boy among young boys, a man among men, or, thirdly, among elders, according to each stage which we,the race of men, possess.
  5. And mortal life sets in motion four excellences, and bids us to think of what is at hand. You are [*]( Reading with Snell a)/pessi for a)/pesti . ) not without these excellences. Farewell, my friend! I am sending this to you, honey mixed with white milk, crested with foam from mixing, a draught of song accompanied by the Aeolian breathings of flutes,
  6. although it is late. The eagle is swift among birds: he swoops down from afar, and suddenly seizes with his talons his blood-stained quarry; but chattering daws stay closer to the ground. By the grace of Clio on her lovely throne and because of your victorious spirit, the light has shone on you from Nemea and Epidaurus and Megara .