Xenophon in Seven Volumes Vol 4; Marchant, E. C. (Edgar Cardew), 1864-1960, translator; Marchant, E. C. (Edgar Cardew), 1864-1960, editor

One day when he met a man who had been chosen general, he asked him,[*](Cyropaedia VIII. xi. 14.)For what reason, think you, is Agamemnon dubbed Shepherd of the people by Homer?[*](Hom. Il. 2.243) Is it because a shepherd must see that his sheep are safe and are fed, and that the object for which they are kept is attained, and a general must see that his men are safe and are fed, and that the object for which they fight is attained, or, in other words, that victory over the enemy may add to their happiness?

Or what reason can Homer have for praising Agamemnon as

  1. both a good king and a doughty warrior too’?
  2. [*](Hom. Il. 3.179)
Is it that he would be a doughty warrior too not if he alone were a good fighter, but if he made all his men like himself; and a good king not if he merely ordered his own life aright, but if he made his subjects happy as well?

Because a king is chosen, not to take good care of himself, but for the good of those who have chosen him;[*](Cyropaedia I.6.8.) and all men fight in order that they may get the best life possible, and choose generals to guide them to it.

Therefore it is the duty of a commander to contrive this for those who have chosen him for general. For anything more honourable than that is not easy to find, or anything more disgraceful than its opposite.By these reflections on what constitutes a good leader he stripped away all other virtues, and left just the power to make his followers happy.