A Dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology

Smith, William

A Dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology. William Smith, LLD, ed. 1890

was consul in B. C. 329 with L. Aemilius Mamercinus. It was his province during his consulship to continue the war against Privernum, while his colleague was engaged in raising another army to meet the Gauls, who were reported to be marching south sward. But this report proved to be unfounded, and all the Roman forces were now directed against Privernum. The town was taken, its walls were pulled down, and a strong garrison was left on the spot. On his return Decianus celebrated a triumph. During the discussions in the senate as to what punishment was to be inflicted upon the Privernatans, Decianus humanely endeavoured to alleviate their fate. According to the Fasti, C. Plautius Decianus was consul also in the year following; but Livy mentions in his stead P. Plautius Proculus. In B. C. 312, C. Plautius Decianus was censor with Appius Claudius, and after holding the office eighteen months, he laid it down, in accordance with the lex Aemilia, while Appius Claudius, refusing obedience to the law, remained censor alone. (Liv. 8.20, 22, 9.29, 33; V. Max. 6.2.1; Frontin. de Aquaed. 1.5; Diod. 20.36.)