A Dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology

Smith, William

A Dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology. William Smith, LLD, ed. 1890

(Κέφαλος), a Molossian chief, who, together with another chief, Antinous, was driven by the calumnies of Charops to take the side of Perseus, in self-defence, against the Romans. [ANTINOUS.] Some have inferred from the language of Polybius that, after the outbreak of the war, Cephalus slew himself to avoid falling into the hands of the conquerors; but Livy tells us, that he was killed at the capture of the Molossian town of Tecmon, which he had obstinately defended against L. Anicius, the Roman commander, B. C. 167. Polybius speaks of him as " a man of wisdom and consistency," φρόνιμος καὶ στάσιμος ἄνθρωπος. (Plb. 27.13, 30.7; Liv. 43.18, 22, 45.26.)