A Dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology

Smith, William

A Dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology. William Smith, LLD, ed. 1890

a Graeco-Roman JURIST, who interpreted the Digest. He is cited in the Basilica (ed. Heimbach. ii. p. 10; ed. Fabrot. iv. p. 701, vii. p. 258), in which, on one occasion, his opinion is placed in opposition to that of Stephanus. Beyond this circumstance, we can discover in his fragments no very strong reason for supposing him to have been contemporary with Justinian; Reitz, however, considered it certain that he was so, and accordingly marked his name with an asterisk in the list of jurists subjoined to his edition of Theophilus. (Excurs. xx. p. 1234.) The name is so common, that it would be rash to identify the jurist with contemporary Anastasii; but it may be stated, that among more than forty persons of the name, Fabricius mentions one who was consul A. D. 517. Procopius (de Bell. pers. 2.4, 5) relates, that Anastasius, who had quelled an attempt to usurp imperial power in his native city Dara, and had acquired a high reputation for intelligence, was sent on an embassy to Chosroes, A. D. 540. This Anastasius was at first detained against his will by Chosroes, but was sent back to Justinian, after Chosroes had destroyed the city of Sura.