Horace, creator; Conington, John, 1825-1869, editor

  • I ask not now: not all of truth
  • We seekers find: enough to know
  • The wisdom of the princely youth
  • Has taught our erst victorious foe
  • What prowess dwells in boyish hearts
  • Rear'd in the shrine of a pure home,
  • What strength Augustus' love imparts
  • To Nero's seed, the hope of Rome.
  • Good sons and brave good sires approve:
  • Strong bullocks, fiery colts, attest
  • Their fathers' worth, nor weakling dove
  • Is hatch'd in savage eagle's nest.
  • But care draws forth the power within,
  • And cultured minds are strong for good:
  • Let manners fail, the plague of sin
  • Taints e'en the course of gentle blood.
  • How great thy debt to Nero's race,
  • O Rome, let red Metaurus say,
  • Slain Hasdrubal, and victory's grace
  • First granted on that glorious day