Horace, creator; Conington, John, 1825-1869, editor

  • What honours can a grateful Rome,
  • A grateful senate, Caesar, give
  • To make thy worth through days to come
  • Emblazon'd on our records live,
  • Mightiest of chieftains whomsoe'er
  • The sun beholds from heaven on high?
  • They know thee now, thy strength in war,
  • Those unsubdued Vindelici.
  • Thine was the sword that Drusus drew,
  • When on the Breunian hordes he fell,
  • And storm'd the fierce Genaunian crew
  • E'en in their Alpine citadel,
  • And paid them back their debt twice told
  • 'Twas then the elder Nero came
  • To conflict, and in ruin roll'd
  • Stout Raetian kernes of giant frame.
  • O, 'twas a gallant sight to see
  • The shocks that beat upon the brave
  • Who chose to perish and be free!
  • As south winds scourge the rebel wave