Horace, creator; Conington, John, 1825-1869, editor

  • Come, Mercury, by whose minstrel spell
  • Amphion raised the Theban stones,
  • Come, with thy seven sweet strings, my shell,
  • Thy “diverse tones,”
  • Nor vocal once nor pleasant, now
  • To rich man's board and temple dear:
  • Put forth thy power, till Lyde bow
  • Her stubborn ear.
  • She, like a three-year colt unbroke,
  • Is frisking o'er the spacious plain,
  • Too shy to bear a lover's yoke,
  • A husband's rein.
  • The wood, the tiger, at thy call
  • Have follow'd: thou caust rivers stay:
  • The monstrous guard of Pluto's hall
  • To thee gave way,
  • Grim Cerberus, round whose Gorgon head
  • A hundred snakes are hissing death,
  • Whose triple jaws black venom shed,
  • And sickening breath.