Horace, creator; Conington, John, 1825-1869, editor

  • Tecmessa's charms enslaved her lord,
  • Stout Ajax, heir of Telamon;
  • Atrides, in his pride, adored
  • The maid he won,
  • When Troy to Thessaly gave way,
  • And Hector's all too quick decease
  • Made Pergamus an easier prey
  • To wearied Greece.
  • What if, as auburn Phyllis' mate,
  • You graft yourself on regal stem?
  • Oh yes! be sure her sires were great;
  • She weeps for them.
  • Believe me, from no rascal scum
  • Your charmer sprang; so true a flame,
  • Such hate of greed, could never come
  • From vulgar dame.
  • With honest fervour I commend
  • Those lips, those eyes; you need not fear
  • A rival, hurrying on to end
  • His fortieth year.